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Yeast in drains and septic tanks for maintenance?

We  had a client recently say they put yeast down their drains to try to digest organic matter.

Lipase enzymes break down fats, cellulase enzymes break down plant matter and toilet paper (cellulose), protease enzymes break down proteins (meat, cheese, dairy), and amylase breaks down starches and sugars.

There isn’t a single organism, including yeast, that performs the functions of all these enzymes.

In a high quality septic tank additive, you typically find all these varieties of additives, and the effectiveness of the additive usually lies in the quantity of bacteria (referred to as strength) added to the tank in the form of powder or liquid. The higher the strength, the more beneficial (and usually pricier) the additive will be.

Yeast is a fungus, not an enzyme or bacteria.

Yeast produces carbon dioxide, which is why we use it to raise bread.

There are many dry powder products that contain beneficial bacterias and enzymes to potentiate the bacteria and assist in digestion of organic waste in drains and septic systems.

We keep Bio-clean in our service vehicles and provide it to our clients to help clean drains and maintain septic tanks.

What is BAD for all drains is anything that kills bacteria including bleach, antibacterial soaps, caustic drain cleaners, copper sulfate root killers and antibacterial agents in hair shampoos like Quaternium 25. 

We WANT bacterial in our drains, and we want them to go on a  feeding frenzy at the expense of organic waste.

Sorry, yeast as a fungus for drains does not accomplish much.