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Electronic Leak Detection

Looking For a Plumber in Sylmar For Electronic Leak Detection?

We use the latest professional leak detection instruments when it is justified towards finding and remediating concealed and subsurface water leaks.

If you have an excess water bill, a drip from a fixture or ceiling, or hear something in the wall or under the floor or driveway, we can find it fast and fix it it right the first time.

All Drain Stoppages & Repairs

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for Drain Stoppages, Clogs & Rooter Service?

We can handle any drain stoppages, often with Budget, Better and Best options in case you want a quick less expensive fix or you prefer to not have a repeated problem.  

Toilet, Shower & Faucet Repairs

Looking for a Plumber in Fairfax, CA To Repair Your Toilet, Shower or Faucet?

It’s normally less expensive to repair than replace, so we are always prepared and happy to properly repair your toilets, shower valves and faucets with quality, long lasting parts done right.

All Water Heater Repairs & Replacements

Looking For a Plumber in Sylmar for Water Heater Repairs?

Whether it be a tankless water heater or a regular storage water heater, we know just how to repair and service them for extra long life which saves you money. Water heater leaks can often be repaired rather than needing a costly replacement.

Sewer Smells & Bad Odors

Need a Plumber in Sylmar for a Bad Sewer Smell or Foul Odor?

Sewer gas can contain methane and is potentially hazardous to your health and property.

We can always find the source of a sewer smell or rotten plumbing odor in your home or business and we can promptly repair it including decontamination, disinfection and cleanup if needed.

Sewer Repairs & Videocam Inspections

Looking for a Plumber i in Sylmar for a Sewer or Drain Repair?

We can repair or replace any drain or sewer at your premises whether on the property, under the sidewalk or under the street, including accurately finding the problem and doing a sectional repair rather than an entire placement to save you money.

We have sewer cameras and radio locators to find where problems are to effect less expensive spot repairs where appropriate.

We are expertsi n every technique, from traditional, trenchless to relining procedures.

Garbage Disposal Repairs & Replacements

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for a Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement?

Most garbage disposal problems we can fix without needing to do a more expensive replacement. If a replacement is needed, we usually keep them in the truck which saves you money, and we know which ones work well, last long and which ones are jam prone, such as most Insinkerator models.

Water Damage & Restoration

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for Water Damage & Restoration?

From water and sewage leaks and floods, ceiling water leaks and damage, flooded basements and under homes or businesses, we can handle it all, from deflooding, pumping, vaccuuming, premises dehumidification and drying, to disinfection and decontamination if its sewer liquids. We’ll work with your insurance firm too if needed to reduce those headaches and protect your interests.

Drain Hydrojetting

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for Drain & Sewer Hydrojetting?

In most instances drains do not need hydrojetting, we can do something less expensive. But when it is justified, we can hyrojet clean any drain pipe, and we do not use worthless underpowered electric jetters and cheap jetter nozzles. We prefer to not set clients upon on more epxensive regular jetting maintanece programs, and we have great safe and effective biological treatments for buildup stoppages and chemical treatments for roots.

Septic System Repairs

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for Septic System Repairs?

We know how to repair or replace failed septic systems, always preferring to repair and rehabilitate if possible, and we have inexpensive plans to make your septic system last longer.

Leaking Pipes

Need a Plumber in Sylmar For A Leaking Pipe Repair?

Buried, concealed or above ground, we have find the leak, fix it right the first time, all without doing frivolous more expensive repairs.

Earthquake Gas Valves

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for Earthquake Gas Safety Valve Repairs & installations?

We can handle any earthquake gas safety valve work, and we keep most configurations and sizes of safety valve sin stock in the trucks to save you time and money.

Sump & Sewer Ejector Pump Systems

Looking for a Plumber in Sylmar for Sewer and Sump Pump System Repairs?

If your sewer or sump pump is overflowing,  we can accurately diagnose the cause, and less expensively fix just that, whether it be pump repairs or replacements, or repairs of connections.